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Parlor Trick Prints is a collection of works designed and created by  Staten Island artist Keri Sheheen. These works include hand-printed silkscreens on wood, paper, t-shirts and tote bags, wood carvings, wood transfers, enamel pins and more. Stay tuned for more updates....

What are Wood Transfers?
Instead of creating digital prints of my illustrations, I prefer to make Wood Transfers instead. Everything is illustrated by hand or digitally, printed out at high quality on a standard printer, and then transferred onto the wood by hand. Each transfer comes out a little different depending on the wood grain, giving every print a different "wear -and-tear" vintage quality. I choose to do this with my work because the printmaker in me feels that digital printing lacks the artist's touch. Also, each wood transfer is ready-to-hang so there's no need for framing!